Balloon Kick

General idea:

Teams of children race to kick a balloon into Hula Hoop® (or other desired location)

Items needed:

Selected JBQ questions, balloons, Hula Hoop (can also use bin or even tape on the floor)

Set up:

Divide the students into teams of 3–5 with one leader to read questions for each team

Each team needs one balloon, blown up

Place the Hula Hoop (or bin or tape on the ground) on the other side of the room

The game:

When you say, “GO” each team leader begins by asking a Bible Fact-Pak question to the first person in line of each team. If the student gets the answer correct, they kick the balloon and go to the back of their line. Play continues until a team lands their balloon inside the Hula Hoop.


As the balloon gets further from the starting rotation, keep the team lines in one spot. When a child correctly answers a question, have them run to their balloon, kick it, run back, and tag the next team member in line.

If a child does not know the answer, give them the freedom to ask anyone on their team for help. Team members can give the answer to the child answering who can then give the reader the answer.

To add suspense, make a rule that the balloon has to go in and stay in the Hula Hoop. It will often roll out causing you to continue the game.